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Dynex DS2

code : DY62010

Dynex DS2 (code DY62010) offers all the benefi ts of a high-performance walk-away ELISA processing system. The DS2 quickly and easily processes two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously and features the most user-friendly control system available

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AD Touch

code 11000

The AD Touch is a user friendly Micro Plate Analyser from the latest technology at a competitive price. The ELISA instrument reads a complete plate within a few seconds and has an integrated thermal printer. The AD Touch can handle a fl at bottom and a round confi guration. The instrument has a RS232 serial port output and can be connected to laptops with USB port.

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The apDia HIV Ag/Ab ELISA is a 4th generation solid phase Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay (ELISA) using a mixture of antigens and antibodies for the in vitro diagnostic screening in human serum or plasma of antibodies to HIV-1 (all subtypes, including HIV-0), HIV-2 and HIV-P24 antigen.

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Model : CS524  

Qseal-auto, a complete sealing system, which includes Main unit, Hand Unit, Coaxial cable, Battery, Charger and Operator’s manual.

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Model : CS624 

Qseal-extra, a complete sealing system, which includes Main unit, Hand Unit, Coaxial cable, attery and Operator’s manual

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Model : CS646 

Qseal-free, a complete sealing system, which includes Battery module, Sealing module, Charging station, Mains adapter, Plug kit and Operator’s manual.

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Model : DIA2000

The ELISA PLATE READER is a user friendly micro plate Analyser. It is compact & lightweight. It is designed to measure and interpret enzyme immunoassay results, both monochromatically and bichromatically. It is intended for in vitro diagnostic use

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Model : DIA3000

The ELISA Washer is a versatile, reliable and fast ELISA Plate Washer at a competitive price. The instrument has a built-in incubator for 2 microtiter plates with programmable timer that allows the user to incubate immediately after dispensing sample/conjugate or substrates.

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Model : CS529  

Qseal-opti, a complete sealing system, which includes Main unit, built-in Head unit, Power cord and Operator’s manual.

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Multicomponent Collection System

Component donations  Platelets  Red blood cells  Plasma  All blood component combinations

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AD Shake

code 12000

The AD Shake allows shaking and incubation simultaneously as from 37°C up to 42°C

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The fastest POC hemoglobin

Cuvette shelf life 2.5 years even in open package No reagents – insensitive to moisture and temperature Rechargeable Li-ion battery USB connector and charger 

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anti hcv elisa v4

Anti-HCV Elisa V 4.0 adopts the “direct sandwich principle” as the basis for the assay to detect antibodies to Hepatitis C virus (anti-HCV). It is a forth generation enzyme immunoassay kit, which uses recombinant HCV antigens (Core, NS3 and NS5 antigens) for the detection of Antibody to Hepatitis C virus (anti-HCV) in human serum or plasma.*1-3 These antigens, which are reactive with the predominant 

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Model: C3569 

Blood Banks KLAB-BBR

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Plasma Freezers

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HPL UltraSlim Freezers -40°C -85°C

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Platelet Incubator/Agitator

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Blood Banks Medical Project KBBR-KBPR

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Plasma Freezers -20°C -85°C - Biological Bank HPL - HPLL

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Plasma Fast Freezers

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Plasma Thawer/ Red Cell Warmer

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