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DAY medical Swiss company, is one of highly innovating company in the field of Immunohematology. And representing the future of fully automated Blood Grouping and Cross Matching business in the international market.

Comprehensive portfolio of devices, blood management, and Consulting services, presenting blood management solutions for each facet of the blood supply chain, from plasma and blood collectors to hospitals. 

is the world’s only system for on-site preparation of autologous Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF®) and fibrin sealant.     


Innovative German company in the field of Hb.measurment system characterized by quickest Hb. test with no reagents needed.

One of the biggest companies in the UK in the field of blood grouping reagents

Swedish company which manufactures PVC tube sealers for blood bags under their own brand-name,

For Hb. Measurement instruments in the blood banking market, For the technology manufactured by DiaSpect Germany.

Manufacturer of high quality virology Elisa kits, For blood bank for HBsAg, HCV Ab, HIV Ab and Syphilis Elisa kits.

U.K fastly growing company for the manufacture of Anti-Sera and Syphilis Elisa kits.

High quality and reasonable price cooling centrifuges for blood bags from Spain

Spanish company talented in the technology of manufacturing all the models and specifications of blood donation chairs.

Italian company as one of the leaders in Shock freezers, Platelets aggitators for platelets bags, cooling and freezing systems for blood banks.